Magnetic Brush

Our head is the most sensitive because there are many biological active points (BAP's) on the skin.
Method of treatment using magnetic brush manufactured by "Magnetic Technologies" company is based on the influence of brushes' metal tips (which act as conductors of magnetic field). Penetrating from the inside of the brush, magnetic fields act on the biological active points of the head. Nowadays this method is well known and is recommended for use by different health organizations.
Magnetic field's influence on BAP's will result in strengthening of the hair, increasing its growth, preventing various skin diseases, as well as regulating blood pressure. We strongly recommend using magnetic brush in different stress situations.
The backside of the magnetic brush can be used as a device for the massage. For this, stroke backside of the brush around different parts of the body. It will help you to remove tiredness, to relief pain in muscles, joints, and spine. It will also help to strengthen your bones and will help to heal different kinds of traumas (e.g burns, injuries, cuts),
There are no negative effects in using this device. This device can be used by people of different ages.
We can guarantee that the effect of this device will last for at least 10 years.