Magnetic Cap

Magnetic Cap has proved to be effective in relieving headache, Migraine, sleeping disorders and reduce epilepsy. The magnets are arranged such that they all have different polarity with an even distribution to cover the entire head when worn. These two factors play a key role in influencing the brain with magnetic fields for and effective relief.
For an effective treatment of sleeping disorder and epilepsy, the cap should be worn fpr one hour prior to sleep and for treating chronic headache and migraine it should be worn for a longer period of time.
For a more effective treatment, ft is highly recommended to drink magnetic water (water magnetized using the funnel) in conjunction with the cap. These two treatments play a significant role in improving the blood micro circulation, cleaning the body from the sedimentation of different kind of toxins and elevation of the bio-energy, resulting in the stimulation of the general condition of the body to what is so called the” Self-treatment".