Magnetic Applicator "Professor" is a device using permanent magnets for contact and non-contact massage of skin and internal human organs, especially the heart. It "can be used in hospitals, outpatients departments and at home. It is used basically as a non-medicinal method for regulating blood pressure and heart rate.
Magnetic Applicator "Professor" should be used in cases of high blood pressure (essential hypertension) as well as hypotension, because it has a normalizing effect in both cases.
Magnetic Applicator "Professor" is used to regulate the heart rate in cases of palpitations as well as slowing the heart rate. It is useful for the treatment of stenocardia. It is also can be used for treatment of arteriosclerosis, vegetative -vascular distonia, cordiosclerosis. The device activates effectively the intensity of local blood circulation on the areas of contact and non contact massage and is very useful for the treatment of traumas, which do not permit direct contact. It accelerates granulation of tissue in the areas of surgical stitch, open injuries, a tropic ulcer, osseous knitting, cuts, and fractures, burns and wounds resulted by war actions.
Instructions on usage Cord-vascular diseases
Step one - First 15 days reduce medicine doses by half and drink it with magnetic water. After taking your pills make massage in the heart area for approximately 30 sec. Then, put Magnetic Applicator "Professor" in your left so it is near the heart, for 15 minutes. These steps should be repeated daily, 4-5 times, every 5 hours.
Step two - After 15 days, reduce your medicine intake by two times or more and repeat the steps mentioned above,
Step three - After 15, stop taking medicine and start using Magnetic Applicator "Professor".
Traumas, injuries, cuts, fractures, skin inflammation processes, burns and wounds resulted by war actions
Make circular movements over the affected area (non contact massage), about 1 cm away from the skin, for 2-3 minutes. This massage should be repeated 5 -6 times daily. Drinking magnetic water, as well as, other magnetized beverages will speed up the process of granulation of tissues by 3- 4 times.
There are no known side effects for magneto-therapy with Magnetic Applicator "Professor". However cardiac patients are advised to be under a physician's supervision. Patients using pace-makers are advised not to use the Magnetic Applicator "Professor".
Do not keep Magnetic Applicator "Professor" near your magnetic cards (e.g. bank credit cards, etc.).